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các chị ơi giúp em giải đề này đk k ạ

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 1. Although they are identical twins, their teacher can easily ………between them.
        A. identify         B. select         C. differ         D. distinguish
Question 2. I was most ………… of his efforts to help me during the crisis.
A. appreciation          B . appreciable          C. appreciate             D. appreciative
Question 3. John: “May I come in?”
                      Peter: “ …………….”         
      A. Feel free        B. Yes, no problem        C. You’re welcome        D. Sorry, let’s wait
Question 4. If you go away, you ………write to me, …….. you?
        A. will/ won’t         B. do/ don’t         C. will/ don’t         D. will/ do
Question 5. We have to start early …….. we’ll be late for school.
        A. so that         B. although         C. or else         D. consequently
Question 6. The smell of the sea …….. him …… to his childhood.
        A. took …back        B. brought…back        C. reminded… of        D. called …off
Question 7. The conference was organized for all of the ……… teachers in the city.
        A. history         B. historic         C. historical         D. historian
Question 8. We don’t sell foreign newspapers because there is no ………. for them
        A. request         B. requirement         C. claim         D. demand
Question 9. He never………….. his word
        A. goes back on         B. puts up with        C. makes up for        D. goes down with
Question 10. When I got up yesterday morning, the sun was shining, but the ground was very wet. It …….
        A. rained         B. has been raining         C. had rained         D. had been raining
Question 11. Someone ……….here recently: these ashes are still warm.
        A. should be         B. had to be         C. must have been         D. might have been
Question 12……….of applicants for this job ……..very big.
        A. The number /is          B. A number /is          C. A number /are         D. The number /are  
Question 13. The professor complimented a grade 1 pupil ……….his good achievement.
A. about          B. on        C. for        D. due to
Question 14. ………your help, I wouldn’t have got the scholarship.
        A. If I had had          B. Had not it been for         C. But for         D. Unless I had
Question 15. ………man suffering from ……..shock should not be given anything to drink.
        A. A/ the         B. The/ a         C. Ø/ a         D. A/ Ø
Question 16. The villagers strongly recommend that a new school ………immediately.
        A. must be built         B. is going to be built         C. be built         D. will be built
Question 17. You thought I did wrong, but the results ……….my action.
        A. agree         B. correct         C. justify         D. approve
Question 18. It’s most unwise to ……in a quarrel between a man and his wife.
        A. involve         B. go         C. take part in         D. interfere
Question 19. The more she practices, ……….she becomes.
A. the most confident                           B. the more confident               
C. the greater confidence          D. more confidently
Question 20. In today’s paper it ……….that we shall have an election this year.
        A. says         B. admits         C. expresses         D. proposes
Question 21.: John:  “Could you tell me how to get to the nearest post office?”
                        Peter: “……………”          
       A. Sorry for this inconvenience                                 B. I have no clue
         C. Not at all                                                   D. Sorry, I’m a new comer here
Question 22. The problem is difficult, therefore ………. students could answer it.
A. a great number of        B. a lot of        C. few        D. a few
Question 23. ………he was kidnapped by the Iraqi guerrillas yesterday has been confirmed.
        A. What         B. If         C. That         D. Ø
Question 24. The road in front of my house is in great need ………..
        A. repairing         B. to be repaired         C. of repair         D. of being repaired.
Question 25. Sometimes life must be very unpleasant for …… near the airport.
        A. people live         B. those living         C. someone to live         D. they who live
Question 26. She has just bought …………….
       A. an old interesting painting French                B. a French interesting old paint
       C. a French old interesting painting                 D. an interesting old French painting
Question 27. There are many opportunities for career ………. if you work for that company.
A. system          B. sequence          C. progression              D. succesion
Question 28. The children can stay here …..they don’t make too much noise.
        A. whether         B. providing         C. unless         D. until
Question 29. “…………….” – “Thank you. We are proud of him.”
   A. Your kid is naughty.           B. Can we ask your child to take a photo?
          C. Your child is just adorable!        D. I can give your kid a lift to school.
Question 30. There were a lot people at the party, only few of …….I had met before.
        A. them         B. who         C. whom         D. whose

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
Question 31. Assessment instruments in nursery schools they feature items and other materials
                                     A                                        B                                 
                      different from those on elementary school tests.                                            
                                          C                                   D
Question 32. All the witnesses said that John was blaming for the accident.
                         A                              B                C                D
Question 33. Migrant workers live in substandard unsanitary, and dilapidated housing and often are
                                           A                        B                 C                                                                                                   
                      lacking medical care.                        
Question 34. For thousands of years, man has created sweet-smelling substances from wood, herbs,
                                                              A                             B
                      and flowers and using them for perfume or medicine.
                                                       C                             D                                
Question 35. Copper comes from seven types of ores that also contain the other materials.
                                                                   A           B                C                D

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.
Question 36.A. experience             B. maternal         C. simplify         D. physician
Question 37.A. residential         B. repetition         C. mountaineer         D. television
Question 38.A. sequential         B. mistake         C. satisfy         D. quality
Question 39.A. residence               B. establish        C. maximum        D. regional
Question 40.A. questionable          B. inferior         C. criticize         D. miserable

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
        Collecting maps can be an enjoyable hobby for antiquarian booksellers, a captivating interest for cartographers, a lucrative vocation for astute dealers, and an inspirational part of the occupational functioning of map catalogers, archivists, and historians. Among recognized collectibles, maps are relatively rarer than stamps, but they have had their avid enthusiasts and admirers ever since copies were made by hand only for affluent, the commanding officer, and the ship captain.
        Whether the interest is business-related or amateur, the economic means abundant or slim, a collection needs a theme, be it associated with contemporary changes in cartographic representation or geographic knowledge, or a more accessible goal centered on a particular mapmaker, technique, or type of subject matter. Collectors should not overlook topical maps issued predominantly or exclusively after World War II, such as navigational charts, industrial compound road layouts, or aerial projections. Potential collectors ought not to disregard two superficially prosaic, yet important themes: maps of travel routes for family trips, and maps that, for aesthetic reasons, they personally find intriguing or simply attractive. In the first case, like the box with old family photos, the collection will give the travelers the opportunity to reminisce and relive the journey.
        In most cases, photocopies are worthy alternatives to originals. For example, historical society collections customarily include the high quality facsimiles needed to make a collection as comprehensive and practical as possible, supplementing the contributions made by well-to-do donors and benefactors. If not predisposed to wait patiently, and possibly ineffectually, for a lucky find, collectors may choose to sift through dealer stock, peruse through advertisements in local, regional, or national periodicals, and solicit the assistance of the U.S. Library of Congress and private agencies. Government and public agencies, companies, and trade associations can advise the collector about maps currently in circulation and pending sales of dated reproductions, editions, and prints.

Question 41. What is the main idea of the passage?
        A. Why hobbyists always flaunt their map collections.
        B. How maps can be collected by professionals and enthusiasts.
        C. How to assure an interrupted flow of collectibles.
        D. What cartographers advocate as a worthy undertaking.
Question 42. In paragraph 1, the word  lucrative is closest in meaning to
        A. instructive        B. insensitive        C. profitable        D. profuse
Question 43. According to the passage, map collecting as a hobby is
        A. not deserving of the time and resources        B. not as conventional as collecting stamps
        C. as eccentric as collecting dolls        D. conformist in the best sense of the word.
Question 44. In paragraph 1, the word  avid is closest in meaning to
        A. keen        B. humorous        C. devoted        D. supportive
Question 45. It can be inferred from the passage that, at a time when maps were accessible to the upper socioeconomic classes, they appealed also to a fair number of
        A. professional copiers                B. ardent devotees       
        C. buried-treasure hunters        D. obscure amateur dealers
Question 46. In paragraph 2,  the phrase “economic means” is closest in meaning to
        A. economic maps        B. fiscal responsibility        C. available funds        D. capital investment
Question 47. The author of the passage mentions all of the following as sources of procuring maps EXCEPT
        A. fellow collectors        B. map vendors        C. personal archives        D. publishers
Question 48. In paragraph 2,  the author uses the phrase “superficially prosaic” to mean
        A. described in informal prose        B. seemingly boring and unimaginative
        C. useful for travelers who enjoy a change        D. potentially uncovered in a box of photos
Question 49. In paragraph 3, the word “predisposed” is closest in meaning to
        A. pressured         B. provoked        C. condemned        D. inclined
Question 50. A paragraph following the passage would most likely discuss
        A. specific organizations to contact about map acquisition
        B. specific mapping techniques used to enlarge the scale
        C. trimming and framing valuable acquisitions
        D. volunteering time and work to maintain obsolete maps

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions .
        The goal of Internet-based encyclopedia Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) is to give everyone on the planet access to information. Like other encyclopedias, Wikipedia contains lots of information: more than 2.5 million articles in 200 different languages covering just about every subject. Unlike other encyclopedias, however, Wikepedia is not written by experts, but by ordinary people. These writers are not paid and their names are not published. They contribute to Wikipedia simply because they want to share their knowledge.

        Encyclopedias began in ancient times as collections of writings about all aspects of human knowledge. The word itself comes from ancient Greek, and means “a complete general education”. Real popularity for encyclopedias came in the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States, with the publication of encyclopedias written for ordinary readers. With the invention of the CD-ROM, the same amount of information could be put on a few computer discs. Then with the Internet, it became possible to create an online encyclopedia that could be constantly updated, like Microsoft’s Encarta. However, even Internet-based encyclopedias like Encarta were written by paid experts. At first, Wikipedia, the brainchild of Jimmy Wales, a businessman in Chicago, was not so different from these. In 2001, he had the idea for an Internet-based encyclopedia that would provide information quickly and easily to everyone. Furthermore, that information would be available free, unlike other Internet encyclopedias at that time.
        But Wales, like everyone else, believed that people with special knowledge were needed to write the articles, and so he began by hiring experts. He soon changed his approach, however, as it took them a long time to finish their work. He decided to open up the encyclopedia in a radical new way, so that everyone would have access not only to the information, but also to the process of putting this information online. To do this, he used what is known as “Wiki” software (from the Hawaiian word for “fast”), which allows users to create or alter content on web page. The system is very simple: When you open the web site, you can simply search for information or you can log on to become a writer or editor of articles. If you find an article that interests you – about your hometown, for example – you can correct it or expand it. This process goes on until no one is interested in making any more changes.
Question 51:  Wikipedia is a(n) ………..
A. book                              B. journal                       C. article                     D. dictionary
Question 52:  Wikipedia is written by………..
A. paid written                B. millionaires                        C. normal people        D. world experts
Question 53:  The phrase “these writers” in the first paragraph refers to ……….
A. ordinary readers            B. ordinary people             C. encyclopedia experts         D. every subject
Question 54:  The phrase “the word” in the second paragraph refers to………..
A. knowledge                      B. encyclopedia         C. writing                   D. collection
Question 55:  Microsoft’s Encarta is cited in the passage as an example of ……...
A. CD-ROM dictionary                                B. printed encyclopedia
C. online encyclopedia                                D. updateable online encyclopedia
Question 56:  The word “brainchild” in the second paragraph of the passage can be best replaced by
A. born                        B. child                C. product                D. father
Question 57:  The word “approach” in the third paragraph of the passage means……...
A. idea                        B. time                        C. method                D. writing
Question 58:  The user of Wikipedia can do all of the following EXCEPT……….
A. have access to information                           B. determinate the website         
C. modify information                                       D. edit information
Question 59:  We can say that Jimmy Wales……….
A. became very famous after the formation of Wikipedia                     
B. is the father of Wikipedia
C. made a great profit from Wikipedia                                                   
D. decides who can use Wikipedia
Question 60:  Wiki software enables ……….
A. exchanging articles                                     B. a purchase of information                  
C. limited access                                             D. editing

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks  .
        If it fits inside a pocket, keeps you safe as well as in touch with your office, your mother and your children, it is (61)………..worth having. This is the (62)……….. of the dwelling ranks of female mobile-phone users who are beginning to (63)……….. the consumer market.
        Although Britain has been (64)……….. to be one of the most expensive places in the world to run a mobile phone, both professional women and (65)……….. mothers are undeterred. At first, the mobile phone was a rich man’s plaything, or a businessman’s (66)……….. symbol. Now women own almost as many telephones as men do  - but for very different reasons.
        The main (67)……….. for most women customers is that it provides a form of communications back-up, wherever they are, in case of  contingency. James Tanner of Tancroft Communications says: “The majority of people buying phones from us this year were women – often young women – or men who were buying for their mothers, wives and girlfriends. And it always seems to be a question of (68)……….. of mind.”
        “Size is also (69)……….. for women. They want something that will fit in a handbag,” said Mr Tanner. “The tiny phones coming in are having a very big (70)………... This year’s models are only half the size of your hand.”
Question 61. A. totally         B. certainly         C. absolutely         D. completely
Question 62. A. vision         B. vista         C. view         D. conception
Question 63. A. master         B. dominate         C. overbear         D. command
Question 64. A. demonstrated            B. seen                             C. established         D. shown
Question 65. A. complete         B. total         C. absolute         D. full-time
Question 66. A. status         B. fame         C. power         D. prestige
Question 67.A. attraction         B. enticement         C. charm         D. lure
Question 68. A. tranquility         B. calmness         C. peace         D. serenity
Question 69. A. necessary         B. crucial         C. urgent         D. essential
Question 70. A. impression         B. perception         C. impact         D. image

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions or indicate the correct answer to each of them.
Question 71.  Not until Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave had been completely explored in 1972 ……
                   A. when was its full extent realized               B. the realization of its full extent
            C. was its full extent realized                         D. that its full extent was realized
Question 72. The knee is ……………………………………. most other joints in the body because it
                     cannot twist without injury.
        A. to be damaged more than likely                 B. more likely to be damaged than
        C.  likely to be more than damaged                       D. more than likely to be damaged
Question 73. The noise next door did not stop until after midnight.
        A. Not until after midnight the noise next door stopped.
        B. It was not until after midnight that the noise next door stopped.
        C. The noise next door stopped at midnight
        D. It was midnight and the noise next door stopped.
Question 74. Their dog was so fierce that nobody would visit them.
        A. They had a such fierce dog that nobody would visit them.
        B. They had so fierce a dog that nobody would visit them.
        C. Their dog was too fierce to visit.
        D. They had a so fierce dog that nobody would visit them.
Question 75. If you want to be kept informed about current affairs, you should listen to the radio.
        A. Only by listening to the radio, you can keep yourself informed about current affairs.
        B. Listening to the radio and you will be kept informed about current affairs.
        C. A good way of keeping yourself informed about current affairs is listen to the radio.
        D. Listening to the radio is a good way of keeping yourself informed about current affairs.
Question 76. I travel by bus only when I have no alternative.
        A. Travelling by bus is my only alternative.
        B. It’s my only alternative to travel by bus.
        C. I resort to travel by bus only when I have no alternative.
        D. I travel by bus only as a last resort.
Question 77. Calling Jim is pointless because his phone is out of order.
        A. It’s useless calling Jim because his phone is out of order.
        B. It’s no use to call Jim because his phone is out of order.
        C. There’s no point  calling Jim because his phone is out of order.
        D. It’s worth not calling Jim because his phone is out of order.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the best  way to make the sentence from the cues.
Question 78.  fact/ her son/ out/ danger/ bring/ her/ some relief.
        A. The fact that her son was out of danger brought her some relief.
        B. The fact that her son was out of danger which brought her some relief.
        C. The fact that her son is out of danger brought her some relief.
        D. The fact that her son is out of danger has brought her some relief.
Question 79.  be sure/ good seat/ your tickets / should/ bought/ advance.
        A. I’m sure about a good seat for your tickets should be bought in advance.
        B. To be sure of a good seat, your tickets should be bought in advance.
        C. To be sure of a good seat for your tickets should be bought in advance.
        D. To be sure of a good seat, your tickets should be bought advance.
Question 80.  How/ ungrateful/ you/ not/ greet/ former/ teacher/ meet/ him.
        A. How ungrateful of you not to greet your former teacher when you met him.
        B. How ungrateful you are not to greet your former teacher when you met him.
        C. How ungrateful to you not to greet your former teacher when you met him.
        D. How ungrateful of you not to greet your former teacher to met him.

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bạn nên tự làm thì tốt hơn ^^  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 04:07 PM
E ơi e phải tự làm đi rồi tự chấm cho mình. Ko hiểu chỗ nào a/c chỉ cho chứ đưa như này thì a/c làm cho e rồi con đâu ôn thi nữa e.  Đăng lúc 19-3-2013 08:09 PM
Trả lời

Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

 Tác giả| Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 16:03:55 | Xem tất
Hế lô đã có môn thi TN rồi kìa mấy em. Bất ngờ hok nào? Cố gắng ôn thi tốt nghen. Đừng quên chơi bời nữa đấy hihi

Bình luận

theo mình cảm nhận thì hóa tốt nghiệp không quá khó, :D chịu khó coi lý thuyết, luyện kỹ năng làm trắc nghiệm=> >8đ :D Chúc froid may mắn  Đăng lúc 22-4-2013 01:19 PM
Ko sao ko sao froidgarcon. Nếu ko cần đậu thủ khoa TN thì e cứ ôn kỹ lý thuyết là đc òi. Hồi đó chị cũng vậy ak hihi  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 10:41 PM
bản thân chị thì thích những môn này :*  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 05:24 PM
Hic, e bị bất ngờ luôn á, cứ tưởng năm nay k có hóa cơ :(( có hóa là xong r`:(  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 04:07 PM
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Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

 Tác giả| Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 22:43:00 | Xem tất
Có ai muốn cùng chị ôn địa hơm? Đang liên lạc vs ng bạn để lấy lại bộ tài liệu năm vừa rồi. Nếu được thì chị post nghen. Đảm bảo đi thi khỏi lo luôn. Ai thích dơ tay nèo!!!!!!!!!!!!! hihi

Bình luận

Vâng, có gì c cứ post tại đây cho mọi ng cùng tham khảo chị nhé ^^  Đăng lúc 30-3-2013 12:34 PM
Hihi nói vậy chứ chị ko có chắc đâu nghen gà. Để xem chị có tìm lại đc ko hẵng ^^. Cảm ơn gà ủng hộ hihi  Đăng lúc 30-3-2013 07:57 AM
cứ gọi e là gà nhé ^^  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 10:44 PM
có có e vs chị :x  Đăng lúc 29-3-2013 10:44 PM
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Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

Đăng lúc 2-4-2013 16:53:30 | Xem tất
Mọi người giúp em bài này được không ạ.bài này em làm được câu a) rồi còn câu b) thôi ạ. vì cũng mới học nên em chưa hiểu lắm T.T

một vật có khối lượng m=2kg gắn vào lò xo dao động điều hòa với chu kì T= (2pi)/3(s), biên độ A=10cm.

a)Tính năng lượng dao động
b)Chọn gốc thời gian là lúc vật ở vị trí biên +A.Lập biểu thức của Wđ và Wt của hệ
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Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

Đăng lúc 2-4-2013 22:44:02 | Xem tất
phamianick gửi lúc 29-3-2013 22:43
Có ai muốn cùng chị ôn địa hơm? Đang liên lạc vs ng bạn để lấy lại bộ tài liệu n ...

chị up đi chị, e cũng đang cần để ôn thi tốt nghiệp. cảm ơn chị trước nhé.
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Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 15:15:14 | Xem tất
snowplain gửi lúc 19-3-2013 16:02
các chị ơi giúp em giải đề này đk k ạ

bạn nên tự làm rồi tự chấm bạn à
anh văn hơn mấy môn khác là quyển Oxford đó bạn, đó là vật bất ly thân khi đi luyện thi.
Không hiểu ngữ pháp thì có thể hỏi nhé
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Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 15:55:32 | Xem tất
các anh chị ơi em có nghe nói là phần bài đọc trong đề thi av khối D là lấy trong sách Tofle
em muốn tìm mua để luyện thêm chứ phần đọc đấy em rất dở{:399:}
hichic có ai biết nên mua sách Tofle nào về phần đấy ko ạ

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ơ vâng em thik lắm ạ. Mà cái vụ đề thi đh ý thì em cũng chả rõ nữa tại vì hồi hổm nghe cô giáo bảo là sách Toefl @@ hichic sắp thi tới nơi rồi em lo sốt vó  Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 10:07 PM
trong các dạng thi reading đó em. Em cần thì mua sách của thầy Vĩnh Bá là ôn tóe máu rồi em ^^  Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 10:04 PM
Chị có sách TOEFL này vì chị ôn IELTS nên ko có xái đến. E thik hơm? Mà theo chị thì ko đề ko đến nỗi khó như vậy đâu. Reading của TOEFL là khó nhất  Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 10:03 PM
Sách TOEFL có quỷên Reading màu cam ấy em nhiều bài rất hay. Nhưng theo chị biết thì nó cho theo kiểu IETLS mà ta ^^.  Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 10:02 PM
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 Tác giả| Đăng lúc 12-4-2013 22:00:55 | Xem tất
Xn lỗi mọi ng nhé. Hiện Chị đã có tài liệu ôn địa ở đây nhưng vì lí do thời gian của chị ko cho phép mà chị ko có máy chộp hình nên chị ko thể type hay chộp cho các em đc. Nếu e nào ở SG muốn ôn thì có thể liên hệ chị cho mượn photo hoặc type lên cho các bạn cùng học. Trong lúc type thì các em cũng thuộc luôn rồi. Nếu ai cần thì comment bên dưới để chị bik nhé. Và dĩ nhiên miễn phí ^^.

Àh 1 điều mình xin làm rõ cho mọi ng hiểu: Mình ko phải dạng kinh doanh tài liệu học tập nên nếu các bạn hỏi mua thì cứ yên tâm. Thời buổi Internet làm ăn bất lương thì cũng phải nhận kết quả tương ứng thôi. Hơn nữa thì mình chỉ thực lòng muốn giúp các bạn thi ĐH vì mình rất hiểu quá trình này khó khăn cỡ nào mà. Còn việc mình lấy tiền thì đó chỉ là 1 chút tiền ăn quà thôi, so với mấy triệu mình đã bỏ ra khi còn đang ôn thi thì vẫn còn ít lắm đó, chưa kể số tiền mình lấy đã bao gồm tiền photo, đóng gói, ship,...

Tất nhiên do mua qua mạng nên các bạn ko xem đc nội dung của tài liệu kĩ nhưng mà mình nói thế này nhé. Những tài liệu mình mua, tích góp, chọn lọc, tổng hợp đc từ các nguồn và tự làm tất nhiên ko phải 1 quá trình 1 sớm 1 chiều đâu. Những tài liệu đó đã giúp mình thi đậu FTU (mà các bạn biết đấy FTU chấm văn rất rất là khó ko phải đùa đâu, các bạn cứ hỏi thầy cô của các bạn thì sẽ biết) thì chắc chắn sẽ giúp đc các bạn 1 phần nào đó. Cho nên các bạn đừng nghi ngờ mình tự ái v_v. Chính vì vậy, mình xin đính chính post đầu của mình là mình sẽ KHÔNG BÁN tài liệu nào nữa cả nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn.
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Đăng lúc 17-4-2013 23:04:01 | Xem tất
phamianick gửi lúc 14-2-2013 22:30
Đầu năm mới chúc mọi nguời những điều tốt lành nhất nhé.
Sau đây là mình sẽ post  ...

ư giờ tìm đâu ra cuốn văn đó nữa ta _ _~ e thử lùng rồi mà không có. Chị có thể chụp 1 vài đoạn chị tâm đắc, thấy có thể sử dụng để em chép ra học được không ạ?
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Đăng lúc 18-4-2013 18:10:25 | Xem tất
Tình cờ mình tìm đc cuốn sách Văn lớp 12- Tác giả nói về tác phẩm, tuy nhiên nó dưới dạng sách nói định dạng mp3 dành cho người khiếm thị. Có định dạng ebook .chm rất nhẹ: http://dc95.4shared.com/download ... Tac_gia_noi_ve_.chm
Định dạng .pdf cho các bạn: https://www.facebook.com/downloa ... ve%20tac%20pham.pdf
1. Tác phẩm: VỢ NHẶT (truyện ngắn)
2. Tác phẩm: TRÀNG GIANG (thơ)
3. Tác phẩm: CÁC VỊ LA HÁN CHÙA TÂY PHƯƠNG (thơ)
4. Tác phẩm: VIỆT BẮC (thơ)
5. Tác phẩm: KÍNH GỬI CỤ NGUYỄN DU (thơ)
6. Tác phẩm: BÊN KIA SÔNG ĐUỐNG (thơ)
7. Tác phẩm: VỢ CHỒNG A PHỦ (truyện ngắn)
8. Tác phẩm: MÙA LẠC (truyện ngắn)
9. Tác phẩm: ĐẤT NƯỚC (trích trường ca)
10. Tác phẩm: ĐẤT NƯỚC (thơ)
11. Tác phẩm: SÓNG (thơ)
12. Tác phẩm: TIẾNG HÁT CON TÀU (thơ)
13. Tác phẩm: ĐÔI MẮT (truyện ngắn)
14. Tác phẩm: NGƯỜI LÁI ĐÒ SÔNG ĐÀ (bút ký)
15. Tác phẩm: TÂY TIẾN (thơ)

Hi vọng sẽ giúp ích cho các bạn.

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ờ ờ cái này đc à nghen. THanks bạn ^^.  Đăng lúc 19-4-2013 01:41 PM


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