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[Nam] Joo Won -주원-

  [Lấy địa chỉ]
Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:20:09 | Xem tất
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:28:04 | Xem tất
Cảnh bạn ấy ngồi ăn với bà

Cảnh bạn ý xem hình lễ tốt nghiệp và nhớ Ja Eun thật đáng thương

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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:35:04 | Xem tất
Cuối tập phim này có 1 chi tiết cực kỳ đắt giá, chính là việc bạn ý bị ngã chảy máu đầu. Không biết sao khi coi cái này thấy hơi rùng mình, dự cảm có chuyện không lành

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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:42:45 | Xem tất
Bố của ja Eun phát hiện ra tấm ảnh đi trượt tuyết cách đó 26 năm
đó có thể là manh mối và bằng chứng chứng minh bố Ja Eun không phải là người gây ra cái chết cho bố của tae hee. Dẫu biết sẽ HE thôi nhưng vẫn hồi hộp

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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:48:16 | Xem tất
Thông tin về tình hình rating 2 ep mới nhất

OB Ratings ~

-Episode 53 ->28'6%
-Episode 54 ->32.6%

Ep 53 có hơi giảm một tí, chắc tại nội dung buồn quá, nhưng tới ep 54 mọi chuyện đã tốt đẹp dần lên. Nhớ cuối ep 52, bạn TH khóc nức nở cầu xin bà tha thứ cho Ja Eun mà thấy thương gì đâu. Sang ep 53, nghe lời khuyên, bạn ấy đã biết cách hơn. Bạn ấy quả là một người đáng ngờ {:303:}
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 01:54:29 | Xem tất
[Cut] 120204 UEE & JOOWON @ Ent Weekly

cre: AFSvariety5

Dễ thương quá, cả hai người đều dễ thương
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 19:42:55 | Xem tất

Cái đoạn TH nhìn thấy hình nhớ JE muốn gọi điện cho nàng mà nghĩ lại không dám gọi, chỉ có thể nhìn hình mà nhơ thôi. Haizzz, iu đương sao khổ quá trời
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 19:47:16 | Xem tất

cre: chatnakornsing

Dành cho những ai muốn xem ep 53> nói chung mấy tập này thì lúc nào cũng buồn
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 19:49:39 | Xem tất
Sơ lược nhanh về ep 53. Tớ ngại dịch sang tiếng Việt lắm ^^

I have a feeling TS and MS will tell Guksoo the truth about his mother’s death soon cuz I can’t imagine them actually waiting ten years to tell Guksoo.

KJ and TH bonding and TH calling him hyung or just smiling at KJ would be a nice change. At best, I can only imagine a handshake between them.

I want the dad to be nice to Guksoo cuz he has yet to have one scene where he smiles or is nice to Guksoo.

The duck feed becoming a huge success.

J calling the ajumma “mother” and both of them crying.

SY and TB living on the farm with TS and MS living next door in her home and MS giving SY a hard time so that SY finally learns how to cook.

We finally find out how KJ managed to get his dad to back off and not buy the farm.

They bring Hong back to find out how he is involved in all this. Cuz he had to be on this whole thing from the start or why else would he meet with the chief and why else would he have gone to Hong Kong with him.

J and TH go on an overnight trip together and sleep in her tent by the beach. If not that one, then at least have them do some of those things that J wanted to do with her boyfriend.

TH takes J and the GM and goes to visit his mother’s memorial.

TP and Y make up their minds to get married or not cuz she isn’t young enough to keep dating for a few more years.

The farm gets a makeover and they add on rooms to it or build on more additions to it like how they did with MS’s place.

Would like to know what J did with her dad’s birthday plant.

TS finds out how YJ was only dating him to get the farm money. I don’t know why it bugs me, but I hate that he still thinks he broke off their relationship instead of the truth that he narrowly missed out on being used. Even though I want him to know, I still hope MS isn’t the one to tell him cuz it will make her look petty for keeping it from him all this time if she blurts it out in a moment of anger.

A perfect last scene would be SY’s parents coming over with food and SY’s mom helping TH’s mom prepare for the meal. Then they would show a family gathering with two full tables and everyone sitting around to eat together so that when GM says “let’s eat” there will be a loud chorus of “we will eat well.” Then laughter and conversation as they all eat and the camera does close-up shots of all the faces then pans out to the outside of the farm.

cre: soulcrebe
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Đăng lúc 7-2-2012 19:53:07 | Xem tất
Recap nhanh ep 54

TH asks Hong: who was the person who drove that night. Hong: the person who was driving that night was BIH. TH: then BIH was wearing white clothes? Hong: I don’t know that. I dont remember but I am certain he drove. TH: if you were there, why did BIH drive. (cuz Hong is Baek’s driver) Hong’s hands start to shake as he says: He kept saying he would drive. I tried to stop him but couldn’t stop him till the end. TH: The victim of the accident is my father. Did you know that? Hong looks shocked but just says: please go back I have nothing else to say. TH: ok. I will go back for today but will come next time to meet you again. TH leaves. Hong sits down in shock. Chief comes out and says Hong did well. Even if he comes back you have to do well and keep your mouth shut till the end
TP goes to his room and TS and TB follow him. TP asks what is so important for them to follow him into his room. TB: this is important – why wouldnt it be important. It’s about bringing trouble to the calm waters of both our families. TS says he is on TP’s side no matter what, but it’s hard to take TP’s side when it comes to the aunt (Y). are you really sincere? TB says it doesnt matter if he is sincere. no matter what settle this (meaning break up). TS agrees and says when it comes to Y, there isnt just one or two things that get in the way. there is the problem of overlapping (TP and TB both married to SY and her aunt) but there is too much of an age difference too. also she has been married before. TP: why is that a problem? big hyung why are you being traditional. TB says it’s not just TS, most people are like that. if mom and dad find out, what do you think they will say? TP: then what about you, because of the standards and rules of other people, is that why you did a contract marriage for a year? TS: maknae. TP: younger hyung provoked me first. I didnt know both of you – especially younger hyung would do this. big hyung is normally conservative, but how could you be like this younger hyung. TP says that people’s real character show when they are confronted with something that they can’t understand. TB warns him not to go overboard cuz he is being patient right now. TP: what is the problem. there is nothing legally that prohibits this. he lists the issues that TB has regarding this about it doesn’t fit with society’s expectations, standards, or understanding. TP says those things normally exist to break them. TP says nothing is more important than their love and sincerity, especially the opinion of others. TB: love and sincerity? since you brought it up. let’s be honest. do you really like the aunt. TP: what does that mean? TB: do you honestly genuinely like her without any ulterior motive or calculation? (meaning TB is accusing TP of liking Y for her money) TS says TB to stop him but TB keeps going. he bascially asks TP: arent you loving her wealth? TP tries to hit him by saying: hwang TB. but TS pushes him back. TP gets mad and says: is that the kind of person you see me as? TB says TP has never once met a girl sincerely. (meaning TP always looked at a woman’s money). TP: just cuz up to now I didnt, how can you prove that this feeling I have towards Y now isnt sincere. TS tells him to relax and calm down. TP: I really like Y- without any other ulterior motive or calculation. I really genuinely like her. TB: how can you prove that? you think others will see you that way. (TP gets mad cuz TB is accusing TP not having anything so others will think since TP has nothing he wants money from Y). TP :what? that’s what you were trying to say? so if a guy has nothing, can they not love? if you two see me like this, what will others think. TS: maknae I dont think like that. TP: thanks. thanks a lot. thank you for letting me see reality. thank you so much that I think I will cry. TP pushes them out of the way and leaves. TS says TB should have watched his words more carefully- why mess with the kid. TB: I have to stop him now no matter what or else he has to hear what I said 10 or 20 times more from my mother in law
Y remembers how SY said: how long are you planning to hide it? from here on what are the two of you going to do? there is no way- you aren’t going to get married right? you really cant do that aunt. Y remembers all her times with TP when she kissed him and when he said it’s 3 words you say when you want to confess “I love you”. she smiles and remembers that. she tells herself – you like TP so how much longer are you going to live worrying like this.
TB has his head on SY’s lap. SY: so that’s why you arent in a good mood. after time passes, maknae will understand your sincerity. also thankfully, I dont think aunt is thinking as far as marriage. TB says that’s good then TP is the problem. I will talk to him again. TB suddenly sits up and asks if the baby kicked him. He is happy. SY: yes our cha gom kicked. TB: it’s the first time I felt the baby kick this strong.maybe he is a boy. how could he be so strong. wait – again. he leans his ear to her belly. he says the baby is kicking again. She says after the baby is born should we go on our honeymoon. we got married in a hurry so we didnt get to go on our honeymoon. He says that sounds good. let’s put in for a vacation and go in the summer. we cant take cha gom can we? She says the baby will be too young. instead, when cha gom is 6 let’s go on a backbacking trip to Europe. She wants them to go through the hard times of travel together and overcome the difficulties. TB: ok let’s make sure to go. SY: let’s live apart. I thought about it. as hard as it is to be around my in laws, it must be uncomfortable for you too. I also dont like the office coworkers talking too. I dont have confidence but I want to trust my husband and do it. But the officetel is too small so let’s get a loan and get a small apt. that’s ok right? TB: yes thinking of our cha gom, that would be good. let’s do that. he hugs her and thanks her. should we go in now. he carries her into the room. SY: I am heavy. TB: you are a little heavy.
SY’s dad tells the mom: I said nothing much will happen.  why are you like this when you already talked to Dr. Yoon for so long today. (dad lists stuff about her stats that are high.) you have been healthy every year so what could suddenly happen. mom: no I didnt tell you but these days, my makeup doesnt stay on well, my hands and feet get cold, and my heart races. stuff that was strange wasnt just one or two things. it doesnt feel good. dad: you had regular annual checkups so even if something came up within the year, it will be something like a small benign (? not sure of this word but it alarms her) whatever it is we can figure it out/manage it. mom: how can you talk like it’s someone else.  He says if she is so worried then go tm to get it checked. I will make reservations.  But she says no cuz she needs time to prepare her heart. he says let’s go sleep cuz she cant stay up all night. she tells him to go in first. I will go a little later. he doesnt leave and stays with her.
Baek is working at the construction site and climbs up to a high floor. he puts down what he is carrying and looks down like he wants to jump. He remembers how J said: “dad, you are having a really hard time these days arent you? during a short time, so many things happened. but now your daughter Baek JE is going to cheer up now. more than anything, you came back safely to my side. thank you dad.  As always, you are the person I love the most in this world.” Baek steps back and doesn’t jump. He cries and looks at J’s letter. J: dad, for a short time, I will be going out of seoul. your daugher Baek JE will come back recovered being lively again so look forward to it. also this is a lucky charm I made to give to you the day you went missing. from here on, you must always have it on you.”  He cries holding her letter and the pendant.
J is sitting by the window staring out and not really seeing anything. there is a row of kids and one by one they go up to her. the first little girl tells J that her stomach hurts. J: your stomach hurts? how does it hurt? does it hurt a lot? girl asks J to blow on her tummy. J says should I do that for you. what is your name. girl says it. J: your name is as pretty as your face. J tells the girl’s stomach to get better. Another boy asks J to draw something for him. Another says her finger hurts. J blows on the hurt finger first. J asks how he knew she could draw well. She tells them to sit. J invites other kids over to sit too. She draws for them. They ask what this is. J says they are ojak. they ask what that is. J says ducks.
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