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[LAKORN 2012-2014] Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan ~ Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Rising Sun series): Nadech Kugimiya, Yaya Urassaya

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@Credit: Novel is translated by Kittiya on asianfuse page [#416.p21]


Ryu was ecstatic when he saw Mayumi legs wrapped around his waist and follow his lead. He gazed at the naked body with affection and content of what he sees; he loves her with all his heart. After their love making, Ryu wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest and whispered “I love you Mayumi.” Upon hearing Ryu, she shook her head and said “wicked man like you do not have heart for anyone and you told me yourself you never loved anyone, you do not love me and all these years you were never around and you abandoned me” her voice was icy, she wanted him to know she is still mad but she doesn’t hate him.

Hearing those words and the sound of her voice hurt him like a knife pierces through his heart. Only if she knew how much love he has for her and it is painful to hear that. He never ignores or abandoned her like she said. He was so proud of her when she graduated, even though he was not around due to his business meeting in Europe, but he asked her dad for her picture and keeps her graduation picture on his desk in his office so that he can see her every day. He didn’t want to irritate her anymore; he pulled her closer, hugged her and fell asleep.

While in his embrace, she thinking of what just happened to her, tears drift down her cheeks. She promised herself from today on she will not forgive him for what he had done to her. Her exhausted body and mind cannot take it anymore. All day today, there were so many things happening, from kendo practice, their argument and including Ryu’s punishment. She almost fell asleep in Ryu’s arms but the knocking on the door woke her up. The voice of Ryu’s maid announced that his men were waiting for him downstairs. Ryu lifted his head and shout to his maid, he will be down there in 5 minutes. Ryu slowly loosen his arm and Mayumi took this opportunity and seized a blanket and conceal her body. She was happy to see him go downstairs, out of sight out of mind, but her happiness didn’t last long, Ryu turned and looked at her and shout out to his maid to bring his clothes and also come in and help dress Mayumi, he will be waiting downstairs and will hold the meeting until Mayumi joins them. He got up and put on his clothes and he told her that he and she have to talk, but right now both of them have to attend the meeting first.

Mayumi asked him why she has to attend his meeting and before he can answer her, she said she does not want to go anywhere with him anymore, she wants to go home now. Ryu’s expression changed from evil beast to a polite and sincere and with a calm voice, he said, I will take you home but right now you have to get dress and go downstairs and please no more argue. She then asks why she has to attend, it has nothing to do with her and he said you will find out when you go downstairs.
The meeting commences as soon as she entered the room. Ryu wanted Mayumi to witness the punishment of one of his bodyguard. Mayumi has to learn and acknowledge gokudo’s rules since she will be his wife. She has to be strong, fearless and not scare of anything. One of his bodyguards gave out Mayumi’s workplace and his whereabouts to Ryu’s “ex-girlfriend. It is very important, no one, beside him & his bodyguards are allow to know his whereabouts due to his & Mayumi’s safety. (This punishment is their own unique way of apologizing when they make mistake, or do something wrong. It is called "Yubizume.” Yubizume is the act of cutting off their little finger and giving it to the person they are apologizing to).

Mayumi is now aware of the meeting and has to endured the horrify scene, she is now disgusted and beyond mad! The punishment she witnessed was cruel and savage! She hates gokudo, hates everything including Ryu. When the punishment was done she asked him if she can go home. He told her to go wait for him in his room and he will follow her and they need to talk. Mayumi tried to refuse but end up going back to his room and wait. She waited for Ryu on the floor and when he came in she looked up and said, “Say what you want to say, so I can go home” the rage look on her face disturbed him. He kneels down in front of her and reaches out to touch her but she abruptly moved away from him like he was a demon. Don’t touch me! I will not allow your evil-self to contaminate me again!

Ryu then said, please calm down and listen to what I have to say, last night you went on a date with ‘yoshi’ and before he can continue, she cut in and said “Yoshi is not completely recovered. He still wears a cloth loop arm because of wound surgery has not healed and his chest is also still wrap with linen clothes.” If your men would give you a better detail report I wouldn’t end up like this. Ryu stumbled upon hearing her explaining that’s right; he completely forgot that “Yoshi” was released from her hospital a few days ago. Ryu didn’t know how he could have thought of Mayumi betrayed him with Yoshi. Jealousy got the best of him, madness and jealousy took over and he lost control. He felt so bad and ashamed.

Mayumi continue… now that you know the truth and you have punished me can you let me go home now? He said she cannot go home yet because they are still fighting, he begged and she continue …I’m not fighting with you, you thought I did you wrong and punished me; I don’t owe you anything anymore. Ryu plead, please don’t say it likes that, I love you, and love you so much that I’m jealous of all men that come around you, he tried to explain. Mayumi said, not true and I don’t believe you. When you know I’m mad, you use the word “love” so that I can forgive you, I will not forgive you.

All his youth life he never tells any women he loves them until Mayumi and she doesn’t believe him. Then he said ok, I’ll take you home and next Saturday I’ll go pick you up and we will talk again. Right after he said he’s going to take her home she announced the cancelation of their relationship; I will not come back here again in this life time. All agreements we have are cancelled as of today. No more kendo practice, no more giving you a chance, you and me we are over and go on our separate ways. I do not want to see you ever again! He was shaken and called her name…Mayume-jung… and reaches his hand to her again but he was too late, she got up and grabbed her bag and headed to the door. He quickly got up and seizes her waist from behind and pulls her to his embrace. She screams with shock, thinking he’s going to force her again but he just stood there and hug her tightly without any intention of forcing her. She struggled but fail and he whispered into her ear, please stop struggling, I will not hurt you. He places his face on her shoulder and said I will not ever let you go Mayumi and he apologized and ask her for forgiveness.

Mayumi stop struggling, and said; you have destroyed everything including my trust. I will never forget what you have done to me for the rest of my life. Hearing her said that, he felt the pain in his chest and it was indescribable then he said we will marry soon; I will be responsible for everything that had happened. With shaken voice she screams, NO, I will not marry you, I want to leave this place as fast as possible. Leave this stupid room and go away from gokudo and out of your life! You are my woman, I will never let you go, and why is it so hard for you to understand that our families want us to marry. It is faith and destiny.

Mayumi then said, I don’t understand and I hate you! Again, the pain he feels in his chest at this moment was unbearable to hear the love of his life announced that. He can’t let her go, and he knows if he let her step out of his house now, she will be out of his life, he will never see her again. Ryu said, since you are not listening, I cannot let you go; you are to stay here with me! Mayumi lifted her face up and looked at him with shock and said, you cannot capture me here, I won’t let you! With regrets, Ryu said, believe me I can, and I have to since you give me no choice.

You have no right to imprison me! He then said, I have all the right to keep you here, you are my woman and we are getting married as soon as possible and you cannot escape from me in this life time. I will never marry you and I will have you arrested and I will escape. Ryu had enough with this argument; he decided to use her family to threaten her and he knows she will not risk her family. He feels bad to do this, but he has no other choice. Then he said, I can do anything, do you not remember what I am? No Officers are dare to mess with me, and don’t forget your family is under my protection and if you defy me they too will be suffering. Mayumi was terrified and said…You…you… what are you going to do to them? He then said… there are so many ways, it is up to you to agree and obey.

…you … you despicable! I never thought you can be this despicable. My father praise you, trust you how can you do this to him. Then he said, believe me, I do not like to do this but you give me no choice. She looks at him with anguish eyes, tears flow down her cheeks when she knows she is now his prisoner. He loosens his arms, got up and told her he will send his man to her house to get her clothes and belong and he left the room.

He knows what he had done was callous and ashamed but he can go back. He promises to change for her, from now on Mayumi will be his only woman. He will do everything she asks. He wants to win back her trust and he believes and hope one day she will see the love he has for her and win her back.

A few hours passed after Ryu left, she heard the door in his room open, frighten look with fear on Mayumi’s face, thinking he came up to force her again but was relief when she saw his maid. His maid brought her suitcase from her house and said, “Oyabun” which means (supervisor) said you will be staying here and also sharing his room. Upon hearing his maid, Mayumi couldn’t hold her tears and turn away to avoid his maid’s gazed and nodded slowly. His maid feels so bad for her and she said, please don’t cry Miss, Oyabun is mad right now, this is not his norm, he is a good person, calmly talk out the issue with him. His maid reach out and took Mayumi hand, patted it gently and said, Oyabun and this house has been lonely for a long time, I am happy that Oyabun finally takes you in.

Mayumi follow his maid to the closet, to Mayumi’s surprised the door open into another bedroom. His maid said Ryu’s & Takashi’s bedroom are connected. Oyabun said you can use the closet in this room. Before she leaves, she said, okay, I am going to get Oyabun’s clothes ready and when you done unpacking I will show you where Oyabun’s keeps his clothes. His maid continues…Miss, from now on, taking care and dress Oyabun is your responsibility as his wife.

Mayumi turn around and told his maid she will take care of her clothes and she will stay in Takashi’s room starting this moment. She will not stay at Ryu’s bedroom. His maid said, Miss, you cannot do that, Oyabun will not allow. Husband & wife have to be in the same room. His maid also said, please forgive “Oyabun” he is a good man and trust worthy just give him time and you will find out. Mayumi didn’t believe her and ignore what she just said and told his maid, I have decided I will stay in this room and don’t worry; I will handle it with Ryu. Mayumi’s victory didn’t last long, after she finished unpacking and settle for a few minutes, Ryu sent his maid’s daughter to get her to go downstairs for dinner. She refused but decided to go because the girl that came to get her said; if you don’t go he will come get you himself and you probably won’t like it.

When she arrived at the dinner table, Ryu saw her and he gave the biggest and the nicest smile. Mayumi took a seat next to him. All of sudden he asked, “Normally what time do you leave to work?” He pour sake for her before he pour one for himself, *in japan, serving sake is normally women or wives duty* but he did it to please her. Mayumi didn’t want to drink it; she didn’t want to forgive him. “Normally I leave at 6am” She answered him and with face down looking at food and eat quietly. He continues asking, what days are you on call? Mayumi face still looking down and ask him, why you wanted to know. He immediately let her know his intention, I want to drop you off at work and pick you up every day, and if I can’t pick you up, I will have my men pick you up and this is why I have to know your schedule. Mayumi was surprised and didn’t believe what she just heard and said, what! You are going to drop and pick me up at my work? Yes that’s right, he said. Mayumi answered with icy voice, I won’t escape, don’t you worry, and I will not risk my family. In her head, if he drops & picks her up, she will only have a few hours of freedom, she doesn’t want him to do that.

Ryu was a little concern when he saw Mayumi agitate face and hurry and explain, please don’t say that, I just want to help and I noticed my house is far from the train station. Mayumi then said; if you want to help, please let me go and let me live my normal life without you.

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@Credit: Novel is translated by Kittiya on asianfuse page [#458.p23]


Monday at 6am I’m going to drop you off at the hospital and will pick you up at 5pm and if you are on call, I will wait Ryu told her. She couldn’t eat anymore after hearing his command. She put down her chopsticks, Ryu immediately question her, done already? You barely ate. She answered him with cold voice; I’m sorry I’m not that hungry and she bow her head and left the table. She went outside to catch some fresh air, but to realize his men were all over the place watching her. She was thinking to herself, if she knew Ryu was this kind of person from the start she wouldn’t have given her heart to him. She decides to go back up to the room.

Ryu can’t think of ways to win back Mayumi’s trust, he decided to call his cousin (Takashi) for advice. At first his cousin laughed at him and ends up sharing his advice and the method he used with Plewdao. His cousin told him that last week, Plewdao received Mayumi’s letter, and in her letter Mayumi complaint about him. Ryu was elated when he heard his cousin said Mayumi mentioned him in her letter and asked what else she said about him. Immediately Takashi explains the contents on Mayumi’s letter. She’s confused and I think she is head to toe in love with you and at the same time she’s mad at you. In the letter she said, you abandoned her and she’s mad at herself for not able to stop loving you. You will discard her once she’s yours just like you do to all of your women.

That’s not true, I never thought and never will do that to her, Ryu declined. I waited many years for her to grow into woman. Takashi immediately uttered, now that she’s a fully grown, beautiful and irresistible and is that why you force her? With weak voice Ryu said, you know I am not proud and I am ashamed of what I have done to her, and Mayumi should never have said those hatred words and compared me to my enemy. Takashi then said, I understand, women’s mouth and heart always contradict. Ryu added, Mayumi is feisty, daring and never back down and continue to argue with me, unlike your Plewdao, she doesn’t seems brave enough to argue with you. Upon hearing Ryu, Takashi laughed and then said, women have mood swing. First thing you need to do is to understand her and reduce your fierce pressure. You don’t have to apologize anymore; sometimes actions speak louder than words.

How do I do that asked Ryu…Takashi then said, you are a flirt and a playboy, you are asking me for advice? A little annoyed, Ryu then said, Mayumi is not like other women that I flirt with. Takashi continues his advice, second of all, do whatever you can to show her that you love her by actions not by words. Thirdly, you have to do it from your heart, so she can feel & touch your love from your actions.

After the phone conversation, Ryu smiled, he was content to know Mayumi secret and the secret is love she has for him. He will do anything to win her back. Oyabun walked upstairs with a big grin on his face, he will start his mission right away so he can win Mayumi’s trust and love back. On the way to his room, Ryu saw a light from Takashi’s room, immediately he knows Mayumi is in there. He hesitates, and thinking what he should do next, if she’s in that room and he in his room, there is no way they can talk and resolve their issue. He thought of a good plan, decided to go take a bath. After bathing, he put on his pajamas and went to Takashi’s room with confidence.

The sound of the door opening startles Mayumi; she was on her mattress reading, she dropped her book and instantly got up and asked him with unfriendly voice, what business do you have with me? Ryu sent out a warmest & sweetest smile and said, “if I’m not mistaken, I told you we are to share bedroom (pointing) to his room” Mayumi then said, you said that to yourself, I didn’t agree with you, what else do you want from me. You took everything from me and I stay here like a prisoner with 24 hours guard or do you want me to be your sex slave as well so that you would be satisfied? Upon hearing her stern statement, Ryu took a deep breath and said, no, it is not going to be like that, I’m thinking I’m going to accept and follow your order.

Mayumi ask with curiosity, what do you mean? Are you going to let me stay in this room? Yes, you can stay here, he nodded and took a long stride and stops near Mayumi’s mattress and continues talking, I decide to move to this room and sleep here with you, because I don’t want to displease you. Mayumi startles and said what! I won’t let you force me again; I will fight and quickly got up take her position ready to attack. Ryu just stood there and said, please calm down Mayumi; I’m not going to do that, unless you are willing. Mayumi then said, no, that day will never come. I told you I’m not giving you any more chances, you have destroyed my trust and the mutual feeling I had for you have gone since this morning.

Ryu then said, even a prisoner put to death was allowed to appeal, and are you that mad that you cannot forgive me, because of my instant emotion? I know what I did was unforgiving, I feel awful and I’m hoping you will take into a consideration my wrong doing and give me one more chance. Mayumi squint at him and not trusting him, he is full of tricks and she cannot catch up with him. She then said, you can go back to your room now and we will discuss this issue later. He answered, no, I won’t go, and I have decided I want to share my life with you starting today.

Mayumi object, I didn’t agree with you, if you are going to sleep in this room then I’ll go sleep in your room. He then answered with a smile and shrugs his shoulders, no problem; any room is fine with me. Whichever room you go, I will follow. But you said you are not going to force me again, she hurry and reminds him of his vow. Yes, I promise you and I won’t break it he answered with confident. Mayumi hesitates; she knows if she doesn’t allow him, he will find other ways to oblige. It is bad enough that I’m your prisoner; do you have to guard me24 hours? I’m not guarding you Mayumi; I just want to spend quality time with you after I get off from work. I want a friend I can talk to and if you avoid and cage yourself in this room then we cannot talk, this lonely house is still lonely even with you present and it is no difference than before. Mayumi sympathy him when she saw his sad and sorrow face.

Mayumi, I promise I will not disappoint you again he pleads. If you break your promise, she threating him, but he cut in and said if I break my promise I will disembowel myself in front of you, please believe me my vow is as critical as life. She is satisfied with his promise, she walks to the closet and pulls out a mattress, place pillow and blanket on top of it and set his mattress a few feet from hers. Ryu walked to his mattress without saying anything and sat down. Mayumi gazed at him with distrust before she pulls light switch off and lay on her mattress facing him.

Ryu did the same, he smile in the dark before he start the conversation, okay, can you let me know what days are you on call? When she hears that he was asking her nicely, she answered, my schedule is not set, normally it changes every month, this month my on call days are Wednesday and Sunday, starting this Wednesday if there’s no change. Ryu then said, I guess you will be going to work tomorrow. I will drop you off and pick you up myself. She tried to protest, but he cuts in and said, let’s not argue about this anymore. I can drop you off every day and if some days I can’t I will have my men pick you up. I’m doing this for your convenience and safety and don’t forget the most important thing is your safety.

She didn’t want to believe him and said I don’t have any enemies; therefore you don’t have to worry about my safety. You may not have enemies in the past but as you became one of the Oneshika ‘his family or last name’ your enemies are all around which I believe you father has informed you about that since you will be daughter in law of this family. (Mayumi remembered her father told her many times of her responsibility including duties when she becomes Oneshika. Their enemies are all around and ready to attack anytime, she must be strong, brave and fearless, which is why she took self-defense courses. She knows what is expected of her as his wife)

I told you I don’t want to be Oneshika and there are women out there that want to take my place and if I remember it correctly, your ex-girlfriend is one of them Mayumi answered. I don’t want to hear her name and I have chosen you and none of those women are qualify, this is why I want you protected 24 hours. Mayumi sense that she cannot win this conversion so she pull her blanket up to her neck and said, I’m sleepy now, I have an early start tomorrow and I don’t want you to disembowel yourself , so stay far away from me. Yes ma’am! Ryu answered and he let out a soft laugh. Mayumi close her eyes with her mind full of confusion, the terrifying ordeal of what Ryu had done to her but underneath the suffering she found happiness and ashamed at the same time. She can’t denial that she didn’t enjoy his love making.

She was unable to control her innocence body from magnificent pleasure that she received. She was amazed of Ryu’s attitude changed, from black to white. She notices at the dinner table, he sent her a warm and sincere smile. She tried to come up with answer to her confusion but came up empty. He serves her sake and he just now promise to disembowel himself if he force her again. He doesn’t know his promise made a big impression on her. She sees him loveable and admirable a little bit and starts to feel sorry for him. She then drifts off to sleep and in a dream. She dreams she saw Ryu naked, he came to her and they make love. While still in her sleep she felt the warmth and thought it was from the blanket, she moves her body close to the warmth and the last thought that she could remember before she drift deep to sleep, she accept to herself, starting now she belong to Ryu’s and she is his woman.

The sound from downstairs woke Ryu up. He opened his eyes and lift up his head, a little bit lost as he glance around the room and he remembered he came to sleep in Takashi’s room with….he gazed down and see soft black beautiful hair rest on his chest, he then smiled. Last night after she fell asleep he dragged his mattress and places it right next to her and slowly put his arms around her waist and thinking he was going to sleep in that position but it was Mayumi that move toward him and snuggle into his chest, Ryu’s shocked a little bid, thought he had woken her, instead he saw her eyes still closed and peacefully sleeping, he looked at her with contented heart then slowly drift to sleep with her.

He lifts up his hand and lightly pats her long hair and bends down and place a soft kiss with affection. The petite body in his embrace start to move slowly…she looked up, her eyes popped out in shocked. You…she uses her palms to push on his chest, with a loud voice she said, you said you are not going to take advantage of me. Ryu chuckle a little bid and loosen his embrace and said, what is it young lady, what’s with you? Please look first, whose taking advantage of whom? I should be the one to complain; you came and took over my mattress. Mayumi shocked, looked down and realized she’s sleeping on his mattress! She couldn’t argue and didn’t know what to do; she got up walked to the dressing room, pick up her clothes and before she hurry to the bathroom, she turn around and gave him a dirty look. Ryu got up still laughing and went to his room. On the way to the bathroom he sees her coming out and gave her a sweetest smile, she didn’t smile back but her cheeks were red from the embarrassment when she found out she was the one that crowd his mattress last night.

At breakfast Ryu gave all his attention to Mayumi, He talked about his business and he told her that his business is extremely busy and difficult he has to deal with so many different aspects. Being the last one of Oneshika, he tried his best to take care of his people and he doesn’t want not fail them. (He almost mentioned his cousin, Takashi (there are only two people that know Takashi’s still alive, him and one of his man whose he considered as his uncle) he then pause and change his conversation back to his business. First few years was hard for him, he was still young and has to work harder to proof to his people he is capable and can handle his business as a leader of gokodo.

Upon hearing and saw him pause, Mayumi immediately knows who Ryu was going to mention, she empathy him, he must be lonely as he is the last of Oneshika. She remembered last time she saw Ryu at Takashi’s funeral, Ryu was devastated. He distant himself from everyone, she also remembered her father talked about how hard Ryu work to be accepted by his people. He overcame his obstacle. She then encourages him by saying, you can do it, you are smart and capable you can overcome any obstacle. Ryu smiles when he heard her compliment and said, it is difficult to handle all of these by myself, that’s why I need a woman that is the same level as I, and that woman is you Mayumi-jung and he places his large palm on the top her hand. She pulls her hand out, finishes her water and announced she’s ready to go to work.

She arrived early today since today is Sunday. The door of a van slid open and Mayumi step out and thanked his bodyguard. Ryu then said, see you tomorrow young lady and don’t forget to think about me, Mayumi wrinkled her nose as an answer. As soon as the van took off, she couldn’t stop smiling when she thinks of a brightest smile that was on Ryu’s face when they talked in the van on the way to her work. He did most of the talking, she barely answers him but that didn’t discourage him. He continues talking and eventually she gave in. She turns around and walk into the hospital, instead of gloomy mood as she should be, she strangely thinks of Ryu, she miss him already she wants tomorrow to hurry and come so she can see him again even though he just left.

The hospital is not busy today since it was Sunday. She went on with her duty and toward the end of the day she went to her staff and informed them she’s on call and if it gets busy to come and get her. In her office, Mayumi tried to read her medical textbook. She doesn’t understand anything she’s reading, her mind keeps wondering to Ryu. She tried to block him out of and told herself from now on she will not think of him, she will not forgive him for what he had done to her. She told herself many times don’t expect anything from him he probably won’t follow up on his promises including dropping and picking her up. It was useless trying to read and she’s also tire she decided to rest. Throughout the night there was no emergency case and her staff didn’t need her assistance. She had a good rest and woke up to better Monday morning.

There was good amount of patients on Monday; it is back to normal for week day. Most of them are patients with appointment. Toward the end of the day, she performs appendicitis surgery to a little boy and that took her several hours to complete. First person she sees when she came out from the operating room was Ryu waiting for her with bright smiling face. She automatically smiles back at him and immediately put a straight face when she remembered what she told herself last night. She turns around to the little boy’s parents and informs them of his condition and answers their questions. Right before she’s done with the little boy’s parent, at the corner of her eye she sees Ryu slowly walking toward her. He asked her with the warmest and the sweetest tone of voice, are you finished? The nurse told me you were in the middle of surgery so; I waited for you out here. She answered with just one word “yes” and gave him annoying face. I told you, you don’t have to pick me up. Ryu then said, we are not going to argue about this anymore, please go change and I’ll wait for you here.

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mấy tiếng ngồi nghiền...

đọc xong mình lạnh hết cả người...hóng...hóng.. quá...roy và mayumi....

mà chả biết lên phim có được hot thế ko nữa kia?...

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ss THảo nói chính xác >.<  Đăng lúc 1-9-2012 03:17 PM
nếu là film điện ảnh thì còn trông mong hót ^^ chứ lakorn thìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  Đăng lúc 31-8-2012 11:40 PM
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Có biết khi nào mới bắt đầu quay không các bạn. Mình nghe nói Nadech đang đóng film gì với Kim mà. Hik chắc còn lâu film Rising Sun mới ra. Mong film mới từ 2 trẻ nhà ta quá.

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Phim điện ảnh à, mong film mới quá. Chắc sẽ hot nữa đây. Thanks bạn nhiều, có tin gì mới về film này nhớ update nha bạn.  Đăng lúc 1-9-2012 03:52 PM
Đầu năm sau là bắt đầu quay đó bạn. Hiện giờ Na đang đóng với Kim, với chuẩn bị đóng phim điện ảnh. Còn Ya thì đang đóng hai phim với Aum và Poh :B  Đăng lúc 1-9-2012 03:16 PM
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@Credit: Novel is translated by Kittiya on asianfuse page [#504.p26]


She follows him to his car. When they both seated, with the warmest tone of voice he asks, are you hungry? Should we stop and grab something to eat first? Let’s not I’m, tire and want to go home she answered. Ryu then told his bodyguard to go straight home. He turns to Mayumi and gaze at her with his charm eyes and gave her his sweetest smile and at that moment Mayumi is lost in the wonderland and her body is melting uncontrollably. She tried hard bringing her back to reality. She told herself to concentrate and avoid his gaze then she asks him, have you wait long… He said not long. She looked at her watch and realized right now it has pass 6pm and if he was on time that means he had been waiting for her for more than an hour.

Normally a man like him doesn’t like to wait for anyone, and she was surprised to see him still in good mood and with warm smile on his face. Mayumi brought up the dropping and picking up subject, right away he refused. She was going to continue, but he grabbed her hand and bends his head down and places his warm lips on the back of her hand and said, I miss you so much. I didn’t see you for two days. I never knew your work is so demanding. I have been thinking, after our wedding, you should quit your job. She attempts to pull her hand out from his hold but failed, she then said, to get where I am right now, I have been through rough time, I dedicate my life to my study and graduated, therefore I will not quit my job for this reason.

If you pregnant, you will be tire and I don’t want you to be exhaust from work. It will affect the baby’s health; he’s not going to be strong Ryu said it like they are already married. Mayumi didn’t say anything; she knows he will dismiss everything she has to say. When Ryu noticed that Mayumi didn’t respond he thought she’s probably exhausts from work so he keeps holding on to her hand and send his affection through his touch. As soon as Mayumi steps in the house, his maid’s daughter came to greet her and brought her the indoor slippers and took her working shoes and put them away.

Mayumi then walks to dinner table, as soon as she sat down, his maid brought out foods, set them in front of her, and announced they are ready to eat. Mayumi was impressed. When Ryu see her expression, he then explains, you probably hungry so I have my maid prepare food and have them ready to eat when you get home. Mayumi then said, “Oh”… Little things he does may seem insignificant but it’s a major significant for her. She has been working day and night and to come home to this, she was speechless… she appreciates his effort. Ryu then said, or do you want take a bath first? I have my maid prepare that as well.

Grin on his face when he sees a smile appears on her face. Mayumi then said, I’ll eat first then I’ll take a bath later. He then said, good I’m hungry too even though he is not really hungry, but right now whatever Mayumi say goes… all he wants is to pamper and please her. He sat down and was surprised, when suddenly Mayumi pour sake and serve him and invite him to drink. Ryu picks it up and drank it quickly and place the empty cup down, she pours some more, he drinks, she pours he drinks and finally she said if you keep drinking like this you will be drunk since you haven’t eaten yet. Ryu with smile on his face, answered her, I’m happy that you serve me; I want to hear your voice, want to see your smile and especially you pour sake and serve me. It shows me you are not ignoring me.

Mayumi gives quirky look and with tender loving care smile she said, I’m just doing my job and if my mom sees you serve me, my arms and legs will turn green from her pinching. Ryu smiles and try to score some points he then said, I know you are a perfect lady, good with housework and a very skillful nurse too. Mayumi is aware of his pleasing and sweet talk, she picks up her chopsticks and say “Ittadakimasu” (let’s eat), then Ryu answers; “douzo” (go ahead)…he then picks up his own chopsticks and said, please eat a lot, I see you are skinny and you will look healthier if you gain a little weight.

She looks at him and quickly looks down hiding her embarrassment. He continues his compliments as he sees her red cheeks, actually you are already beautiful but if you gain a little bid you would be perfect. While he was complimenting her he also filling up her bowl and it was almost full, she then said… this is enough, and I don’t think I can finish what’s already in my bowl. Ryu nod and happy she didn’t refused food he offers, he then fill up his own bowl and before he starts eating he remembered something and said, this morning we had a meeting about accepting you to become a member of Oneshika, I want to let you know in advance because there will be a formality. Mayumi frowned, right away Ryu explains with good mood.

In accordance with the process, you have to become a member first then after the wedding I can appoint you as “okami-san” (supervisor’s wife). Then your body will receive “a giant with red face” tattoo. It doesn’t have to be big; the tattoo is to let others know you belong to Oneshika. Some people believe the bigger the tattoo the braver they become. Others want to tattoo themselves all over their body, but for me, tattoos are a form of art on a body, therefore too many tattoos will make it look sloppy. Takashi and I have the same opinion; therefore we tattoo a picture of a giant with red face which represents our group, which you may already have seen.

Again Ryu mentioned Saturday morning; Mayumi saw that tattoo on his back when he got up to dress. She knows this type of ritual tattoo. She read them from textbook, if this was 7 years ago, she would be more than ready to have her back tattoo of a giant with red face and would be proud to be one of Oneshika’ s member BUT not after Ryu had (…R…) her. Getting the tattoo now would be like committing sin rather than pride. Mayumi snippily answers, I don’t think of becoming your member, don’t wastes your time and I don’t want to accept Okami-san position and there will be no wedding. Another thing you are also well aware of is that I stay here as a prisoner. You force me to stay here. I thought I have made myself clear.

The smile that was on Ryu’s face suddenly disappears and slowly replaced with wrath. He tried suppressing his anger as best as he could by using Takashi’s advice to calm himself as to prevent outburst of rage. His fuming look didn’t slip Mayumi eyes, his faces bright red it almost burst. His fierce eyes shine just like the day he (…R…) her. This time he avoids looking at her and gazed down. For a second, his anger scares her, and she is afraid that her smart mouth will cause him to lose control like “that Saturday morning”. She immediately felt guilty, then with calm voice she explains…

Oyabun, I am a woman that is not willing to accept the position you offer; I’m not interested no matter how important it is to you and there are many women out there that are willing to accept your offer, why are you forcing me? As soon as she finishes, she starts to cry… Ryu gazed up at her with eyes still red then ask, are you still mad at me from what I have done to you the other day? Mayumi didn’t have to answer because the answer is in with his question. I made a terrible mistake and I regret it, please give me one more chance he begs. Mayumi then retort, I don't like what you are doing to me; you treat me like a prisoner and threating my parents’ safety to control me. Do you think I should forgive you?

Would you take into a consideration if I ask for you to stay so that I can make it up to you? Mayumi was confused of his sudden change of manner and a new proposal…she then ask… you will not interfere with my family right? Ryu, I never thought of harming them and I’m asking you to stay with me and not cut me out of your life like you said the other day. Mayumi thought for a second then said, okay I will give you two weeks and if you still can’t make me believe that you are good enough to lead the family then I’ll go home and all contracts between us must canceled with no conditions. Ryu squinted and negotiates…two weeks is too little…two months.

Mayumi thought for a second and said…no, two weeks… Ryu with final negotiation… one month…I ask you to give me one month and if I still can’t make you love and forgive me, I will let you go home and all contracts canceled. Their eyes gazed at one another then Mayumi said, fine one month…I must not be detain like a prisoner and I can go visit my family…Ryu then said, you will get to go visit your family once a week, I will be taking you and there will be no more watching your every move if you promise to let me know first where you are going. Please believe me, that I am really concern of your safety, and please don’t argue anymore.

Just by looking at his eyes, she couldn’t deny him then said…one month then I will be free from you. He reaches and takes her hand and gaze at her with the gentlest eyes and said… since we decided to call a truce I want to see the old Mayumi, I want to see you smile and I want things to be like they were before our quarrel. Mayumi nod and said, I will try…

Mayumi ask to be excused after she was done eating. Ryu continue drinking, he feels uneasy thinking of his one month contract. There’s so little time to spend with her. He only gets to see her for a few hours on weekdays due to her unforeseen work schedule. Her only day off is Saturday. To think of it he will not have enough time to take her on a trip and not enough time to win her heart. He’s mad at himself for being impatient, his mind wonders to Yoshi, what does Yoshi wants, what’s his intention? Maybe Yoshi knows Mayumi is his woman and that’s why he flirts with her, Yoshi is up to no good. The more he thinks the more concerns he gets he has to do some more research on this matter before things get out of hand.

He calls for one of his men; he discussed his plan and orders him to follow up then he went upstairs. He hurries to take a bath, changed into his pajamas and went to Mayumi’s bedroom. When he got there, he saw her already asleep due to exhaustion. He also saw that Mayumi had prepared his mattress/pillow/blanket and placed it next to hers like the evening before yesterday. He then dragged his mattress closer to hers and gazed at her face and notices how soft and young she looks not much different than the first time he saw her. A young girl with chubby cheeks grows up to be a beautiful and attractive woman.

He smiles as his recalls “Saturday morning” he tore her clothes and exposed her whole body due to his enrages. He remembers her beautiful round tight breast he caressed with his palm; her skin as soft and white as milk, so fascinated that he can spend the whole day fondling them without any boredom. His body starts to react to his thought; he hurries and shakes off the sinful thought because he doesn’t want to disembowel himself and still wants to live and spend the rest of his life with her.

The cold air seep through his body, he moves closer and closer near her. He carefully places his arm on her waist. He hears her sigh softly and slowly move toward him and cuddle into his chest like she did the other night. Ryu slowly sigh when he sees her eyes closed and still asleep. He slowly wraps his arms around her body and pulls her into his embrace, close his eyes and before he goes to sleep, he prays to all of his ancestors spirits to help inspire Mayumi to accept to be his “Okami-san” in the near future.

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cái này chỉ là thuật lại câu truyện nên đọc thấy rối à nha... V_V ... có truyện đọc luôn thì hay we' ~.~  Đăng lúc 2-9-2012 12:12 AM
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sau khi đọc xong mấy phần bạn tlbthao up lên mình thấy hấp dẫn quá nên muốn đọc cả truyện nên bạn nào có link thì hảo tâm cho mình với nhé...vì nói thực là mình có vào asianfuse mà tìm hoài cũng ko thấy...

từ giờ tới lúc khởi quay phim thì còn dài lắm chứ chẳng biết là bao giờ mới có phim để xem, nên  mình đang nuôi ý định dịch truyện ra tiếng việt nhưng khả năng tiếng anh còn kém quá nên mình thấy ko ổn lắm....mình muốn xin ý kiến của cả nhà về việc này...

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ng enjoy trc chị nhé...có ji chị pm e rồi cùng dịch vs e chị nhé^^  Đăng lúc 7-9-2012 07:16 PM
chết e xin lỗi e phải gọi chị là chị mới đúng...hxhx..e xin lỗi nha chị...chị ơi e dịch đc cũng kha khá rồi giờ e cũng đang rảnh nên e cú dịch cho mọi  Đăng lúc 7-9-2012 07:15 PM
mình bắt đầu dịch rồi^^  Đăng lúc 6-9-2012 10:15 PM
chia nhau dịch sẽ nhanh hơn ^^  Đăng lúc 6-9-2012 09:53 PM
vậy bạn hãy cho phép mình dịch cùng nhé..mình cũng có ý định dịch mà ^^...bạn thấy thế nào..bọn mình sẽ cùng dịch  Đăng lúc 6-9-2012 09:38 PM
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@Credit: Novel is translated by Kittiya on asianfuse page [#525.p27]


After a restful night Mayumi slowly opens her eyes, adjust her focus and recognized this room is no longer just her room. Strange that she feels familiar with his arms around her waist with her back attached to the front of his when she wakes up. The warm breath that clashes her hair regularly, tells her he’s still in deep sleep. She looks at her watch and see it is still early so she didn’t rush to get up and she wants Ryu to rest a little more because last night she saw him came to bed late.

Her mind slowly wondering to the agreement, she doesn’t even know if she will get her freedom. Ryu is courage, successful business man, and he’s very cunning. She is confidence that if he thinks of not letting her go, she will never be free, unless he follows the agreement. She quietly sighs afraid the person spooning her might wakes up. The truth is, she should be angry and hate of what he had done to her but why? It has been only 3 days; all of her anger and hate rapidly disappear.

Last night, it was her that longing for his warm embrace and when she felt his arm on her waist she turned toward him and cuddle into his chest and fall asleep. She looks at his large arm that rest outside of the blanket, she notice Ryu’s had gotten a little darker than 7 years ago, his fingers look powerful like he can control everything efficiently and then she thinks of when this side of his hand touched her body every square inch, it indicates how much he admired her body when he thrust inside of her.

She felt her entire body shiver just by thinking, she immediately close her eyes to refrain from the tense picture. She felt his movement, she hurry and open her eyes and look at his hand that she looked at a few minutes ago, she see him slowly trace his hand upward, she’s shocked but then relieved when he moves his hand to brush her long hair that tousled on her shoulder away before his breath touch the side of her ear lightly.

Ryu: “good morning young lady” he then kiss her ear and down to her neck that she tilted open for him unaware then she became aware of his kiss and immediately toss to face him and put her finger to his mouth to stop him from going further.
Mayumi with firm eyes on him: didn’t you say you are not going to trespass anymore and are you not afraid of disembowel yourself?

Ryu: grabs her hand, kiss her palm down to her wrist before he whispery answers, “hmm… last night how far did we limit the trespass?” His voice like a giant lazy cat groans with sexy and seductive mood. He continues kissing slowly down to her arm.

Mayumi shocked, you! Are you thinking of breaching the agreement?

Ryu: who’s said? Just kiss, it’s not considered trespass, like this, its call morning greeting, his eyes coordinate with hers…
Mayumi with harsh voice, not even a kiss, I do not consent.

Ryu utters, “heartless”…then with no fear attitude he toss her to lie on her back and lift his body and got on top of her and before he touch the tip of his nose to her soft cheek he said “just want to be cheerful and since you are a kind-hearted nurse you should consent right?”

Mayumi confused when she felt his warm mouth on her cheek, she opens her mouth to answer but he moves his mouth to close hers and swallow her voice down his throat and slowly insert his tongue down between her parted lips. His kiss is gentle, pleasing and inviting her to kiss back much different than last time. Mayumi closed her eyes, she softly sighs, when she can’t resist Ryu’s sweet and gentle kiss anymore, she tilt her face a little to receive his passionate kiss. She doesn’t know when she puts her arms around his neck; she only knows her fingers are in his hair and study his head thoroughly wants to know what his head is made off to make her fall madly in love with him this much…

Ryu didn’t trespass Mayumi more than just kissing & tracing his hand over her shoulder and on top of her night gown, even though he wants so badly putting his hand in between the opening of her night gown to caress her breast with his palm and touch her nipple and make sweet love to her in the morning… but then he shakes out his urge and trace his hand and coordinate with hers and slowly removing his kiss with eyes still gazing at each other.

Mayumi hesitate, she admits without sham that she doesn’t want him to stop because she knows he had given her enjoyment like going to nirvana alive before. She still wants to continue her journey to the castles heaven with him, she will never be bored. He saw her hesitation, but all he can do is smile sweetly to comfort her before he slowly bend his head down to kiss her one more time but he was interrupt by the sound of the knock on the door outside the room.

His maid informed him of a telephone call. He walked to his office, pick up the phone. His man reports that there were dead men on his ship and he is afraid they have been set up by his enemy. He told his man on the line to report to the authority and he is on his way there. Once he hangs up the phone, he went back to the room and saw that Mayumi folding their beddings.

Her cheeks red when their eyes met because of the embarrassment from the incident that just happened before he got the phone call.

Mayumi: is there a problem?

Ryu said with disappointment: My men found dead bodies on my ship this morning, I have to go there and I will not be able to drop you off

Mayumi hasten: it’s ok, I told you that I can take care of myself

Ryu: One of my body guards will drop you off and I will pick you up this evening and as he was telling this, he walks toward her and lifts up her chin and lightly places his lips on hers and said “see you this evening young lady”. Once he’s done, he walks to the bathroom then hurry dress to go to his shipyard.

Mayumi dressed and went downstairs. His maid brought her coffee and bread, for some strange reason, Mayumi feels sad and lonely. When she was done with breakfast, she walks out to the front she can see Ryu’s Mercedes Benz pulls up and park in front of her and the driver came and open the door for her. Mayumi stepped in the backseat with the feeling of emptiness then she lifts her hand and lightly touches her lips that were still hot from Ryu’s kiss.

She can’t tell herself if she will have enough energy to stop him if his maid didn’t come and knock on the door. She only knows that she was willing to let him when he bends his face down to kiss her one more time. She knows Ryu will not do more than kiss her, just like he told her because he brought his hand and clasped with hers so that his hand cannot roam all over her body LIKE she wanted him to do…

His kiss was almost started again but was interrupted when his maid knocked at the door, for a second she felt pity….She understands that he has urgent business or else his men won’t bother him this early in the morning.

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khúc này có nhiều từ "chuyên ngành" mình kg biết quá ^^  Đăng lúc 5-9-2012 01:57 PM
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tlbthao gửi lúc 5-9-2012 13:55
@Credit: Novel is translated by Kittiya on asianfuse page [#525.p27]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...

Ss ơi để em dịch cho nhưng e sẽ chỉ dịch phần của Ryu và Mayumi thôi{:307:}...Em đã đọc qua vài phấn Ss post thấy Hot quá nên muốn dịch để nhà mình "đu dây" sớm{:303:}...Em cũng thấy bạn nthanh cũng có ý định dịch nên đã nhắn bạn ấy ko biết thế nào...Mong là bạn ấy sẽ đồng ýcùng em dich để cho nhà mình sớm đc đu dây{:291:}

Ss ơi các phần là sự nối tiếp nhau liên tục hay Ss chỉ post những phần Ss thích thôi ạ? E đã copy những phần Ss post bằng English về máy rồi nhưng chưa đọc hết^^

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e có thể vào google search "ch3 series rising sun 2 " cũng ra đấy  Đăng lúc 8-9-2012 12:57 PM
mấy hôm nay ss bận ko vào nhà đc nên ko bit e nt...ss đoc mấy phần của sstlbthao post thấy hay nên có ý định dịch cho nhà cùng vui...e dịch rồi thì cứ post lên cho nhà đu   Đăng lúc 8-9-2012 12:55 PM
Ss ơi cho e link đi Ss^^  Đăng lúc 7-9-2012 06:49 PM
vậy nếu em dịch thì lấy thẳng bên Asia về dịch đi rùi úp vô nhà, chị khỏi úp bản Eng ha ^^  Đăng lúc 7-9-2012 08:55 AM
chị đăng theo thứ tự bạn bên Asia dịch qua Eng đó em, đọc thấy nó củn theo thứ tự thời gian ... mà củn toàn khúc Ryu+Mayumi kg à ^^  Đăng lúc 7-9-2012 08:55 AM
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Thấy mọi người nhiệt tình ủng hộ phim mới của 2 bé như thế cảm động vô cùng

Cám ơn sự đóng góp của các bạn rất nhiều

Trải chiếu ngồi hóng đây, các bạn dịch nhiệt tình ss My sẽ kêu gọi MOD và Staff nhà mình rate nhiệt tình luôn

Thông tin về phim có lẻ khỏang tháng 12/ 2012 sẽ fitting , sau đó quay phần MarioTaew trước.

Đến tháng 2/1013 mới quay phần Yadech và 4-5/ 2013 cả 2 cặp sẽ sang Nhật quay ngoại cảnh.

Đó là những gì ss rình mò biết được, không biết có chắc hăn ko

Nhưng ít nhất thì Ya phải xong 1 lakorn, Na xong Raeng Prathana thì mới bắt đầu được

Ko biết thế nào khi Na còn dự án điện ảnh lớn Koo Kum và Dao Ruang của Ya lại đang hõan lịch vì đổi biên kịch

CHỉ mong mọi việc suôn sẻ
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Dùng đạo cụ Báo cáo

Đăng lúc 8-9-2012 21:12:34 | Xem tất
Như đã hứa với mọi người hôm nay e sẽ post phần đầu tiên của truyện Rising sun-nguyên tác của phim Rising sun mà Na-Ya sắp thực hiện...Vì đây chỉ là phần thuật lại nguyên tác bản english do một bạn bên Asiafuse post nên vẫn còn tồn tại một vài "hạt sạn"...Do đó trong quá trình dịch em đã cố gắng thêm bớt một vài câu chữ sao cho phù hợp để truyền tải đến mọi người nội dung truyện một cách dễ hiểu nhất nhưng em đảm bảo là ko gây biến tường nội dung..khả năng trans của em cũng còn nhiều hạn chế nhưng vẫn rất mong sẽ làm hài lòng mọi người.....Nếu có góp ý gì mọi người cứ tự nhiên comment em sẽ nhiệt tình tiếp thu....Và giờ thì xin mời mọi người enjoy part1 nha

  Mayumi đã được đính ước với Ryu nhưng lễ đính hôn chưa đc tổ chức bởi khii đó chú của Ryu đang phạm tội và vì bản thân Ryu vẫn chưa muốn đính hôn. Anh muốn tập trung cho việc học trước và đã nói với chú của mình rằng Mayumi còn quá nhỏ để nghĩ tới chuyện đính hôn.

  Còn đối với Mayumi, Ryu đã bước vào trái tim cô kể từ cái ngày anh “xử lí” tên nhóc đã ném đồ ăn váo váy của cô năm cô 10 tuổi.  Kể từ ngày đó, Ryu đã trở thành tình yêu của cuộc đời cô. 15 tuổi, Mayumi đã vô cùng hạnh phúc khi biết rằng mình đã được đính ước với Ryu, nhưng Ryu lại chẳng hề tỏ ra quan tâm đến cô. Hai người đã gặp mặt để nói về chuyện tương lai. Ryu đã nói rằng cô còn quá nhỏ để đính hôn với anh và anh muốn trc mắt cô hãy tập trung cho việc học của mình đã.  Ryu đã hỏi Mayumi về ngành mà cô muốn học cũng như mục tiêu cuộc đời cô là gì. Cô nói  với anh mình muốn học để trở thành y tá nhưng bố cô không cho phép. Và rồi Ryu đã giúp Mayumi nói chuyện với bố cô để thuyết phục ông và cuối cùng ông đã đồng ý để cô theo đuổi ước mơ của mình.

  Trước khi Mayumi bắt đầu công việc học tập của mình, Ryu đã gặp cô để bàn bạc về chuyện đính ước của 2 người. Anh nói với cô rằng hãy tập trung vào việc học và tốt nghiệp trong khoảng 5 năm. Nếu như 1 trong 2 người có ai khác thì hãy gặp nhau để nói chuyện lại.

  Từ đó Mayumi dành trọn thời gian cho việc học và tham gia lớp học tự vệ, cô đã nhanh chóng đạt đc đai đen môn võ Judo và trở thành một chuyên gia về Kendo. Cô chẳng hề có thời gian để hẹn hò với bất cứ ai và cũng thật khó để kiếm đc anh chàng nào dám theo đuổi hay hẹn hò với cô khi cô bị gắn cái mác là hôn thê của Ryu. Lí do ẩn giấu sau việc cô tham gia lớp học tự vệ là vì cô nghĩ, sau này khi trở thành vợ của Ryu sẽ có lúc cô cần dùng đến những kĩ năng này bởi Ryu có rất nhiều kẻ thù. Cô cũng muốn mình có thể sẵn sàng giúp đỡ Ryu bất cứ lúc nào anh cần có cô.

  Sau khi Mayumi tốt nghiệp, cô đc nhận vào làm việc ở một bệnh viện và cũng đã 7 năm cô chẳng hề gặp mặt Ryu. Nói cách khác, cô chỉ biết tin về anh qua lời ba cô kể hoặc qua những tin tức trên báo mà thôi. Ryu quả là một anh chàng đào hoa!. Mỗi tuần anh lại hẹn hò với một cô gái khác nhau. Và người phụ nữ gần đây nhất là một diễn viên cũng là con gái của một thành viên trong băng đảng của Ryu. Mayumi vô cùng thất vọng và giận dữ. Cô tự nói với bản thân mình rằng sẽ chẳng có chuyện đính ước hay cưới xin nào hết. Nhưng Mayumi ko hề biết rằng trong suốt khoảng thời gian cô học tập tại trường cũng như làm việc tại bệnh viện, Ryu đã sai người của mình luôn theo dõi từng cử chỉ hành động của cô. Tất cả mọi việc đều đc báo lại cho Ryu. Và điều khiến anh vui sướng nhất là: cô chưa từng mở lòng với ai. Anh yêu cách mà cô lớn lên và trở thành một phụ nữ đẹp. Anh yêu mọi điều ở cô.

  Một ngày nọ, Ryu bỗng xuất hiện ở bệnh viện nơi Mayumi làm việc và mời cô đi ăn tối để nói về chuyện đính hôn cũng như đám cưới. Anh nói với cô đã sẵn sàng  kết hôn và có con cùng cô. Mayumi đã thẳng thừng từ chối khiến Ryu vô cùng tức giận. Cô nói chỉ muốn kết hôn khi hai người có tình yêu, cô ko muốn anh lấy cô vì trách nhiệm hay vì lời hứa giữa ba cô và chú anh.

  Sự tức giận của Ryu mới thực sự bắt đầu khi anh bắt gặp cô đi ăn tối với một viên sĩ quan. Ryu đã nghe mọi chuyện về buổi hẹn của Mayumi và điều đó khiến anh phát điên. Trong cái ngày  Ryu đến đón cô đi tập Kendo cho thuộc hạ của mình, anh đã quyết định sẽ biến cô trở thành vợ anh......

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thanks nhiu nhiu lam..... iu ban wa ih ..... moazzzzzzzz  Đăng lúc 9-9-2012 10:18 AM
bạn chịu khó đợi nha ^^ cái phần quan trọng đó ngày mai mình sẽ post....mà có ji bạn vào nhaf8 cùng "đu" với mọi người cho vui nha ^^  Đăng lúc 8-9-2012 10:49 PM


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